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Our History

San Miguel Azores, a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, was the birthplace of their photographic beginnings. Surrounded by a vast blue ocean, rolling hills, and countless orange trees stood a portrait studio, appropriately named "Photo Laranja" (Orange Photo). The small and quaint studio was owned by their grandfather. It was here that he embraced his craft, servicing the community for numerous years. His children, admiring their father’s talent, spent countless hours learning the family business. With aspirations of having their own studio, his two sons moved to Toronto, Ontario. The studio was managed with the same values and principals once practiced by their father.

David Custodio


Recipient of countless accolades, David has created award winning images for his clients for over 25 years. Pioneering methods used in contemporary wedding photography, David has established a unique style which has been recognized by his peers and clients. His passion for the art was instilled through his family roots and was elevated when attending the photo imaging program at Langara College, where he became an instructor in the school he once attended. "I love people and I love what I do, and this is what I try to incorporate into every photographic assignment. I've been blessed to be around photography all my life. There is nothing else I would rather do. Creating timeless heirlooms for clients has been a true honor. I believe there is more to photography than just pressing the shutter. Photography is about the relationships we create with our clients.”

Danny Custodio


Danny, ignited with the same passion for the craft, is also an alumni of the Langara College photography program. Having taken photos for over 15 years, Danny has established and mastered a unique style for the digital artistry of photography, which has garnered him numerous awards. He has the natural ability to bring his vision to print. “Our incentive is to maintain the true art of our craft by transforming pixels into exquisite photographic prints to be enjoyed by our clients for generations. Custodio Photographers strives to maintain the highest quality and originality in their photos. From the point of capture to creating the final product, we take pride in our work, and are truly proud of our brand, and are determined to provide our clients with the finest quality. Rest assured, our signature represents our commitment to photographic excellence."